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Mike Hinds & James Davenport


In 2018, we were three guys who saw where the market was headed—not enough bourbon supply driving demand through the roof and creating impossible allocations for us and our friends to get the good whiskey that had brought us together. One of our favorite past-times has been traveling all over the country and picking single-barrels with our friends, but that memory was vanishing quickly. 
So, we decided to do it our way, and invest in our own abilities to select single barrels. We bought our first batch of barrels in 2018, quite honestly, we did it so that we could continue the tradition of picking through good whiskey with our friends. 

Little did we know what would happen next. 
Well, the word got out... fast. People started talking about our barrels. It became so popular that friends were asking if they could pick a barrel of our stuff. February of 2020, we released our first single barrel rye - and people on social media made sure the rest was history. Soon, groups from all over the country were calling to ask to come pick a barrel for themselves. 

In March of 2021, it hadn't stopped... so much so that we had to open up our own distillery to house it all. And we're so glad we did, because now we get to share even more whiskey with enthusiasts and friends like you. 

When you’re in Nashville, come on by. Have a dram, a bottle, or a barrel… and find out why the people have been talking about us. 


Stella - The Boss

"The Boss' as we like to refer to her. She's friendly but runs a tight ship. She keeps us on our toes and our endorphins high. But step out of line and she'll be the first to send you to the doghouse. 

Stella is a 4-year-old miniature Goldendoodle, who loves meeting new people and long walks on the beach. 

Michael Hinds

Mike Hinds - Co Founder

For the last 20 years, Mike Hinds has been fine-tuning his skills in logistics, having sat on the board of numerous 501(c)3 organizations, raising over $3 Million for cancer research, as well as solidifying himself as a respected member in the bourbon underground, picking more cult single barrels than we could count.

Mike is the visionary and the chief logistics officer of the operation, making sure that the incredible whiskey makes its way to you.

James Davenport


After spending 5 years on a submarine with the NAVY, James retired to Nashville and began his whiskey journey with 10 years of retail experience, opening one of the most popular and followed store in Nashville. 


James is the Chief Blender, Mix Master, Single-Barrel Samurai around these parts. When you come pick a barrel, James is your guide and we'd have it no other wa

Kelly O'Shea

KELLY O'SHEA - VP of Brands

After leaving the world of software & engineering behind, Kelly found a home in the spirits industry. Kelly’s unconventional marketing techniques helped to gain national spotlight, to support rapid geographic expansion from 4 states to 17. 


Kelly is Mike’s right hand “Woman” & visionary executor. Kelly brings a constant focus & follow through to the visions & projects that Mike thinks up. Kelly’s goal is to make Nashville Barrel Co a powerhouse brand playing on a national field.

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