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experiences / tasting tours 
at both locations

Distillery /Rectifier Tour

Sourcing and bottling - The Basics of being a Non Distilling Producer

Nashville Barrel Co was recently awarded Tennessee Blender of the Year! Come learn why blending and sourcing is just as important as distilling!

This Experience highlights Nashville Barrel as a Rectifier. We touch on bottling, collabs and blending. Learn what a NDP is and how we differ from your standard distillery. Along the way you will get a small taste of some fun and innovating spirits we release.
This tour is an introduction and we recommend doing a flight at the tasting bar or also signing up for the Premium Tasting if you want to spend more time with the sprirts and deep dive in to a tasting. 

Details: $20 

Distillery Tour

Experience lasts 25 Minutes

Premium Tasting

This Experience is a Guide Led tasting

Did you know that Nashville Barrel Company ranked #4 in Fred Minnick's Blind?  We recently have won Double Gold and Platinum awards from the most respected organizations out there!

Our Whiskey expert will guide you through several spirits and not only will you get to taste the difference between the styles, but you will get to ask questions and "geek out" in a fun enviroment. Most of these offerings are at Cask Strength so you will get to sip and learn at the same time.

Details: $50

Guide led tasting with a deep dive into our spirits

Experience lasts 30 - 45 Minutes

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Straight From the Barrel Experience

This Experience includes a Bottle

Did you know that Nashville Barrel Company received BEST IN CLASS at the biggest spirits competition in the world on our Single Barrels?

This Experience lets you try through four different spirits from the barrel. Most Distilleries only allow this experience if you are  buying 100's of bottles for tens of thousands of dollars.  Not at NBC!! Come be part of a group that tastes through four unique barrels and widdle it down until you have found the perfect one!

Details: $150 Per Person 
Taste Through 4 Single Barrels  -


Experience lasts 60 +/- Minutes


Whiskey Flight From the Barrel

Looking for something quick and casual but still want a unique Distillery Experience?

This Experience is for all levels of Whiskey drinkers. Perfect for a quick experience that you can enjoy on your own timeline. Our whiskey expert will thief your drams for you and you can enjoy them at your own pace.

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Details: $35 

3 Drams straight from the barrel

Experience is not guide led.

Blend your own bottle

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Blend Your Own Whiskey!

Did you know that Nashville Barrel Co recently received TENNESSEE BLENDER of the Year?

This Experience lets you craft your very own unique custom bottle. Taste through different mashbills and styles of whiskey to make one that you truly love. Make your small batch more sweet or less spicy, bottle at barrel proof or knock it down a tad. The options are all yours!

Details: $150 Per Person
Comes with a Bottle

Experience lasts 60 Minutes

Bottle Your Own from the Barrel

A one of a kind Distillery Experience in Nashville! Come in and bottle your very own bottle to take home!

We have several barrels to pick from to allow you to bottle your very own with a custom label. This is a great add-on to any experience!

`Available at Both Locations

*Walkins Welcome

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